Jessica Stokes



Various, 2012 - Present

A constantly evolving collection of configurations for my Unix-based computers.

Works across platforms with handy exclusion of settings on platforms which are incompatible with them, and supports both zsh and bash.

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Show Encoding

Python, for Sublime Text 2, 2013

Super simple plugin for Sublime Text 2 which shows the encoding of the current file in the status bar.

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Macropod Components

ReactJS, 2014 - 2015

A library of UI components that we use at Macropod, which I'm heavily involved in the development of.

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JavaScript Bookmarklets, 2013

A collection of bookmarklets for manipulating page layouts, identifying page features and issues.

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Tech Audit Bookmarklet

JavaScript Bookmarklet, 2013

A bookmarklet which can detect many of the most popular web libraries and technologies and list them for you.

Created initially to allow for "inspecting" how sites are put together on a mobile device.

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Canvas Dither

JavaScript and HTML5 canvas, 2012

Uses modern web standards to accept an image and then render it in several different ways.

Initially written as an exercise when I discovered how the alogithm for Atkinson Dithering worked.

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Fractal Thing

JavaScript and HTML5 canvas, 2012

Done as a programming exercise, this is a Mandelbrot fractal renderer written in HTML5 an canvas and standard JavaScript.

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Python, 2013

Utility for accessing information from Phidgets devices from the command line.

Allows accessing digital and analogue sensors.

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Chrome Installer

Shell and AppleScript, 2013

Tool for keeping old versions of Chrome around; it downloads and sandboxes the latest Chrome build from any of the release channels.

Automatic updates are prevented, and each version writes to its own Application Support directory.

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WebKit Updater

Shell, 2013

Simple utility for keeping your copy of the WebKit nightly updated.

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Sublime Text 2 Plugins

Hypertext Typographer

Python, for Sublime Text 2, 2013

A Sublime Text 2 plugin which highlights and allows for quick replacement of potential character encoding errors in Hypertext-like documents while editing.

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ASPX Switch

Python, for Sublime Text 2, 2013

Plugin for work done with Microsoftʼs .NET web forms. Allows for quickly switching between code-behind and layout files.

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Python, for Sublime Text 2, 2012 (Fork)

A plugin for Sublime Text 2 which allows quick switching between both UI themes and highlight colour schemes.

My enhancements include better support for Mac OS X, a more sensible logic structure, and the ability to switch between theme "sets" such as a set of light and a set of dark schemes.

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Tea Wheel

jQuery and HTML5 canvas, 2012 (Fork)

A project intended to solve a dilemma myself and my housemate have - which tea to have! Forked from an existing jQuery-based wheel game project.

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