Jessica Stokes

Medicare Item Numbers for GRS

6:39 pm, 23 Feb 2016

Since my level of insurance cover was something that delayed my quest for GRS, I feel like it might be useful to someone to make known the Medicare item numbers associated with the procedure, at least as far as my surgeon (Dr Ives, in Melbourne) is concerned.

I wasn’t given these or nudged to check my insurance until I actually spoke to my surgeon for the first time, and finding out I had to wait at least a year from that date because I needed to upgrade was a pretty harrowing experience I wouldn’t wish upon anyone else.

A bunch of the item names have the potential to make one a little squeamish so I won’t include them here, but you can click through for the grisly (as far as medical text can be) details.

If you’re even vaguely considering GRS and are in Australia, I’d suggest calling your insurance company ASAP and checking your cover will pay a complete benefit for these item numbers, because if you do have to upgrade, you’ll be stuck waiting for a year before they’ll let you claim on them.

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